GOLIAT: the Free Internet Stress Tool

Goliat is an stress/load audit tool for WEB applications. Goliat generates complex requests that simulate WEB of a specific user. This includes the capture and sending of cookies of session, sending parameters by POST or GET and the detection of chains of answer to determine the success or not of the answer.

Goliat works to generate load at diferent levels:

Static Web server, by the simple answer to requests WEB. It would be the equivalent of classic tools of audit of load HTTP, like for example Apache workBench (AB).

Useful to check performance of web based applications, with engines like PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, (Perl, Ruby, Python), etc. Goliat approaches a oriented vision to session, composed this by different simple petitions, that makes a sequence.

Goliat also allows to parallel different thread requests with the purpose of causing the possible maximum of requests. Goliat has different parameters (response times, number of threads, recursivas requests, requests of graphical resources, etc) that also allow to calculate response times in situations where they exist proxys of navigation, without frisked of contents, etc.

Goliat provides with a detailed exit that informs of the number of requests per second, the number of simultaneous atentidas sessions, the average time of answer, the average time of session and the number of session failures. This information is easily exportable to be used in monitorización tools, like Pandora FMS, to collect data in real time of the performance of the systems WEB.

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